Sunday, July 19, 2009

To Know You More... (letter to my future lover)

This is a poem that I wrote one night several years ago, there was no one in particular in mind. I am not sure that I will ever meet the person I had in mind when I wrote this but I still have faith in my God, who is faithful!


I want to know you more,

To know you and to know your love,

To see if we are perfect,

as the fit of a pair of fine leather gloves....

I want to know, your touch,

I want to know, your gaze,

I want to know, your silent sweet love....

You are my love,

I seek you day and night,

I seek you in the stars,

I seek you in the crowds,

I seek you in the silence,

I seek you in the music,

I seek you in the solitude,

I seek you in the streets,

I seek for you in the far and wide...

When, oh when, shall you be found?

When will I know you...

Oh, how I long to feel your touch,

Just the brush of your wings,as if an angel has just past by...

For I know that you,

you of all things are a heavenly gift,

a gift from God,

An angel,

complete with silken,

pure white wings...

For only an angel sings as you...

Oh to be in the gaze of your crystal clear eyes,

To see and behold the beauty,

To see and behold the glory,

To see and behold the depth,

of God's great love!

When I am in your presence,

I can feel the love,

The love I have,

The love I want to share,

The love I have to give,

I can feel this love arise...

To hear your voice makes my heart weep and jump for joy,

I want to always keep this vision of the pure beauty that is within you and your heart close to me,

Close to me,

as it reveals the beauty,



and mercy of God...

May He be ever praised!!!

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