Monday, September 5, 2011

Soul Food Junkies

I went to a screening of Soul Food Junkies this evening at the MO History Museum in St Louis. I went mainly because it was about food and since I am a student of all things food, it was right up my alley. I am including a couple different teasers that Byron Hurt has posted on You Tube:

This film while primarily concerned with the diet of African American's, it should be a concern of all who eat. The film addresses that we as a nation have come to depend on fast food and food which is processed. As well as explores why African American's eat the foods they do and what health issues it may or may not cause.

The film shows discussion from individuals who are well know activist and leaders of various movements as well as segments from young people, grade school to college students. Addressing the need for people to return to where they raise theirr own foods.

I thought the film was well put together and thought out while failing to address the need to not only teach people about eating healthy food they raise but how to prepare the said food. Mr. Hurt indicated there would be a educational component to this film and I am hoping in this component there will be a segment on preparing healthy meals.

I highly recommend this film to all who are concerned with the foods in which they consume. Especially if they have concerns with the health of themselves and those they love. Mr. Hurt exposes his personal life throughout this film of his father's love of soul food (and as his sister says, he loved all food).

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