Friday, April 6, 2012

In the Kitchen with your Kindle or other E-Reader

I love my Kindle and bought it at Christmas for myself at Christmas.  My laptop was not connecting to the WIFI at school and it was far cheaper than a new laptop.  But at almost $200, that is a lot of money for many people, me included.  

With my Kindle, I have more cookbooks than I would have had or been able to have using traditional books.  Do not get me wrong, I would love to have many different cookbooks.  But with the Internet and e-readers, there is no reason to have them unless they are really good, personal, or signed by the author.  Besides the cookbooks that I have downloaded, I also have a handful of apps to use for recipes which I may look for.

How do you use your Kindle as a tool for work-study or simply just to read?

I Was talking with a friend last week and they said they were afraid to use their Kindle in the Kitchen, and I found this suggestion in a book I got:

"Using your kindle in the kitchen while cooking is a recipe for disaster (in my household anyway). I now pop it into a clear zip lock bag or protect it with cellophane, having learned my lesson with boiling sugar dripping onto my first kindle. Let's just say the sugar won that one."
Canning, Katherine (2012-02-06). MORE THAN HUMMUS CLASSIC HUMMUS RECIPES AND SO MUCH MORE (Kindle Locations 323-325). . Kindle Edition.

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  1. I also love to have my Kindle in the kitchen, because I can have on it hundreds of cookbooks downloaded from All you can books. I know about this site from a friend who also got some really great eBooks from there... I can't wait to cook something from the eBooks I have.